Add this beautiful personalised surname and date sticker to your kitchen wall or splashback.


Fitting a wall sticker for the very first time can be a bit daunting. That's understandable, but take it from us, they really are simple to apply so there is no need to worry!



  • Clean the area you would like the application and ensure it is dry .
  • Mark out/measure the area where you would like the application.
  • Peel off the white backing paper to leave the clear sticky sheet with the vinyl application still attached (be careful as this is sticky).
  • Place the clear sticker with the vinyl appliction on the area and smooth out any air bubbles with the squeegee provided.
  • Peel the clear sticker slowly & carefully starting from one corner to the opposite corner and ensure the vinyl application remains on the wall/area and avoid tearing the vinyl.


If the vinyl application lifts at any point when removing the clear sticker simply put the clear sticker over the area and rub again with the squeegee to ensure the vinyl application has stuck onto the wall area.


Please add personalised details within the box and select the coloured vinyl from the drop down menu. If you cannot see the colour you would like please ask if we have it.


Overall size 19cm x 30cm

Personalised Kitchen Quote Decal Vinyl Sticker

Colour options