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New Home & DIY

We've not long moved into our new place and have been decorating bit by bit. Of course what most of us do is browse Pinterest for inspiration for ideas on how to transform a space into our home.

I saw a DIY hand print piece that I thought would look amazing....... if it worked!

This simple idea, is so effective so off I went to my local hardware store to find some wood. I painted the piece of MDF (a few times) then a few days later once it was all dry I got all the family together and began covering their hands with paint! Grey is a big theme in our new house so it only seemed right to take that route. I was unsure whether to go a light grey with dark prints or a medium grey with light prints, the latter was chosen!I teamed up my DIY hand prints with a personalised print for my family. Again a simple typographic print that holds lots of special memories for myself and husband. It has dates of when we met, married and our children's names. Finishing off the hallway is a big LOVE sign which lights up and it's from Tesco. I must say I'm slightly chuffed with how it all came together and it is all thanks to the inspiration I found! I hope that you might find some inspiration from this and we can keep on inspiring one another. If you would like further inspiration please visit for lots of #typographic prints #personalisedgifts #wallart #Family prints #giftsforher #giftsforhim #gifts

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