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Balls, Amazeballs, Baubles!

So I have got a new toy a Cricut Eplore Air and it is fantastic..... I’m now able to create beautifully die cut  adhesive writing which can be stuck onto anything, including baubles! I know, personalised Baubles, what a cute idea! They can be used to hang on the tree or part of a window display or even as place settings either way they’ll look great in the home. 

They’re are lots of colours to choose from gold glitter, silver glitter, pink, blue, red and last but not least holographic. The baubles themselves are made from plastic (safety first!) and they are filled with sparkles or not and the are hung from double sided satin ribbon and with a bow! Each individual bauble is placed in its very own gift box, totally Amazeballs right.....!?

To find out more and to look at our baublesvisit  

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