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A wedding typographic wordart print with a hint of a safari

I love the way we are all different it makes this world a fantastic place. When I was asked to personalise our best selling wedding wordart with animals added to it my first thought was "oh something different, ok, let's do it"....

The invitation was sent to me to give an idea (this is usually done with most bespoke wedding gifts) of the style. Although the wedding invitation was pink and black their colour scheme for the day was beige so I had my theme, I had the colour now it was time for me to design! We've manage to add a tree, an elephant, a giraffe, a rhino, a monkey and some birds.....! Take a look to see how we did it.

The ability to add your own theme and personalise your design exactly how you want it I believe is what sets us apart from most companies that sell personalised prints, wordart and typographic prints. Yes, you may very well be able to change some wording and colouring but to be able to send some inspiration and take from that to create a gift that is perfectly personalised for you.

Every framed print that is purchased comes with a free matching card so not only can you personalise your item we've taken the stress of buying a card and we gift wrap the  print! What more could you want from a buying experience....?

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